Brighton and Sussex Sailing Club - Recent changes

Clubs and Associations in Sussex

  • Army Sailing Association
  • North West Ventures Yacht Club
  • Bristol Channel Yachting Association
  • Ocean Cruising Club
  • Clyde Cruising Club
  • Royal Cruising Club
  • Cruising Association
  • Royal Cruising Club Pilotage Foundation
  • Forth Yacht Clubs Association
  • Royal Naval Sailing Association
  • Irish Cruising Club
  • Royal Northumberland Yacht Club
  • Little Ship Club
  • Royal Yacht Squadron
  • Manx Sailing and Cruising Club

Recent Changes at the Club

Recently we have co-ordinated the production of sailing directions or pilotage information, provide publicity and arrange discounts for members. We have also been urging cruising yachtsmen to provide feedback on navigational, port and marina changes to member clubs so that sailing directions can be updated.

We have been expanding our communications with other clubs in order to exchange information on a wide range of pilotage, regulatory and environmental issues affecting UK and European cruising.

Liaising with the Lighthouse Authorities, the Hydrographic Office, and the Royal Institute of Navigation regarding developments affecting the interests of cruising yachtsmen. We maintain strong liaison with, but independence from, the Royal Yachting Association.

We have recently refurbished the sailing club and brought in all new furniture and facilities for our guests. We worked with many local providers and servicemen to support the local community and to get them involved. We would highly recommend RC Bexhill on Sea if you have any waste that needs removing, they were a huge help during the renovation process and provided us with a rubbish clearance service on the same day that we phoned.

Providing representation to the various environmental agencies. Of particular concern is impending environmental and safety legislation threatening the freedom of yachtsmen and also providing web pages for member clubs encouraging yachtsmen to join these to learn from, and enjoy the fellowship of, other cruising yachtsmen.

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